Small Animal Ear Tag 1005-1

Now Available with Laser-Etched Characters

Stamped Number     Paint-Filled Stamped Number*      Laser-Etched Number*
*Extra charges apply

 This Nickel-Copper Alloy is used for its excellent combination of corrosion resistance, strength & ductility.  The corrosion resistance in seawater is especially good under high velocity conditions.

COLORS: Plain Monel only – No colors are available.

3 digit consecutive stamped number will fit on one side – 6 digit is available but will extend around the other side of the band.
Paint-filled characters are available for an additional charge.
Special stamping available – 1 line of 4 characters.

Laser-Etched Consecutive numbering & lettering is available.

SPECIAL CODES: – We can laser-etch a series of special codes if you submit a computer file with the codes.  We need a single column text file with each line representing the characters for each tag.


Ear Tag Application

Place the ear tag in the applicator keeping the hole side of the tag flat against the jaw of the applicator with the indentation.  Locate the tag within the ear, applying beyond a ring of cartilage.  After sealing, be sure to check that the tag point has come through the hole and bent around sealing properly.  Tags should be washed in alcohol or similar cleaning solution to help prevent infection to the ear.