MUROMACHI Small Animal Ventilator


MK-V100 is a ventilator designed for use with small rodents such as rats and mice. The apparatus includes a Controller (MK-V100/C) and a Valve Unit. Valve unit is available in two kinds, MK-V100R for rat and MK-V100M for mouse. The operator can use the ventilator for both rats and mice just by replacing the valve units. So no need to buy two ventilators. Further, up to five (5) valve units can be controlled by the use of an optional Add-On Unit (MK-V100/A) for multiple animal ventilation.


  • Very low noise.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • It can be used for both rat and mouse just by replacing valve unit. No need to buy two ventilators.
  • Respiratory rate and BPM can be easily adjusted while running.
  • Anesthetic gas port is provided.
  • Operation is simple.


Ventilation Rate 10 - 400 breaths/min
Inspiratory Time Rate 20 - 80 %
Power Requirements Please specify your input voltage.
Instrument DimensionsController : W125 x D160 x H95 mm
Valve Unit : W155 x D295 x H130 mm
WeightController : 2 kg
Valve Unit : 1 kg

The Standard System Includes:

  • MK-V100 Main Unit     1
  • Valve Unit (either MK-V100R for rat or MK-V100M for mouse)     1
  • Tubing Assembly     1


Specifications are subject to change without notice.