NIBP Monitor for Rats & Mice

Main Features

  1. It measures photoplethysmographically pulsatile blood pressure of tail arteries.
  2. The items measured are Heart Rate(HR), Systolic Blood Pressure(SBP), Mean Blood Pressure(MBSPAN) and Diastolic Blood Pressure( l60 DBP, calculated values). They are displayed on LCD.
  3. Heart rate (HR) is determined by converting the time to count 10 pulses.
  4. SBP is initially estimated roughly by inflating the cuff at approximately 25 mmHg/sec. During cuff deflation at about 4-5 mmHg/sec, SBP is determined precisely. SBP is determined as the cuff pressure when pulse reappears.
  5. Cuff pressure can be elevated up to 400 mmHg so that even SHRSP can be measured.
  6. Continuous measurement can be performed up to six (6) times.
  7. The animal holder is made of dark brown acryl, allowing BP measurement under relatively stress-free conditions.
  8. PMB-1030 Preheat & Measuring chamber comes supplied with the standard system.
  9. The RS-232C interface is provided on the rear panel.  Using the optional DCS-1030 Data Collection Software  (Window Version) the data obtained can be exported to a personal computer and stored as a CSV file.
  10. The apparatus is so compact (A4 size) that the user may carry it from room to room.
  11. Operation is very simple.


Main Unit MK-1030

PowerPlease specify your input voltage.
DimensionsW320 x D250 x H80 mm
WeightApprox. 5 kg

PMB-1030  Preheat&Measuring Box (Standard Accessory)


Heating MethodElectric Heater
MaterialInternal : SS
External : PCV
DimensionsW100 x D230 x H150 mm
Weight1.3 kg

The Standard System Includes:

  • Main Unit (MK-1030) – 1
  • PMB-1030 Preheat&Measuring Box – 1
  • Animal Holder (any one from the list) – 1
  • Cuff-Pulse Sensor (any one from the list) – 1

Animal Holders

Rat Holder (SS)50 - 90 g
Rat Holder (S)90 - 150 g
Rat Holder (SM)150 - 210 g
Rat Holder (M)210 - 270 g
Rat Holder (ML)270 - 350 g
Rat Holder (L)350 - 500 g
Mouse Holder (S)20 - 30 g
Mouse Holder (M)30 - 40 g
Mouse Holder (L)40 - 50 g

Cuff-Pulse Sensors

Rat (S)50 - 150 g
Rat (M)150 - 270 g
Rat (L)270 - 500 g
Mouse20 - 50 g

Option Extras

  • DCS-1030 Data Collection Software (Windows Version)
  • Printer


The MK-2000ST, the state-of-the-art NP-NIBP Monitor which does not require preheating animals is also available.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.