Bone & Wound Breaking Strength Tester

Muromachi TK-252D has been designed for the precise measurement of the bone and wound breaking strength of the rats or mice. It is a space-efficient desk top model that has not ever commercially been available.

Four types of tests——- 1) Bending  2) Torsion ( optional ) 3) Compressing of Lumber Vertebrae ( optional )  4) Wound Breaking ( optional ) can be performed just by replacing the sensors and their accessories.

The information on the measurement can be entered by the keyboard of the Controller and the test results will be graphically displayed on the screen of the Controller and then printed out by the built-in rapid thermal printer.

In the torsion test, on top of normal operation, the operator can preset an extra weight ranging from 10 grams to 490 grams by 10 gram steps against the sample.

RS232C interface is provided on the rear panel of the Controller so that the data obtained can be exported to a personal computer and saved as a CSV file. DCS-BST Data Collection Software comes supplied with the instrument.

The operation is quite simple and so even personnel not experienced in this test can use it with ease.



Load Cell500 N
Strain Gauge100 Ncm


Chart PaperThermo-sensitive 58 mm Wide x 25 m Long
Date (2010-10-30)
Time (10:30:00)
Test No (1234567)
Speed (mm/min)
Sample No (1234567)
Max. Breaking Strength (N)
Distance (mm)
Breaking Energy (mJ)
Stiffness (N/mm)(Ncm/r)


DimensionsW180 x D145 x H370 mm
WeightApprox. 10 kg


DimensionsW400 x D380 x H240 mm
WeightApprox. 13 kg
PowerPlease specify your input voltage when ordering.

The Standard System Consists of:

  1. TK-252D Controller with built-in 9″ display and printer – 1
  2. TK-252D/RDT Tester – 1
  3. Bending Test Setup (Sensor unit, Sample Stage, Adapter) – 1
  4. DCS-BST Data Collection Software  (Windows Version) – 1
  5. USB-Serial Cable – 1
  6. TSP-10 Thermo-sensitive Chart Paper  (58 mm Wide) – 1


Lumbar Vertebra Compressing Adapter for Rats Weighting -350LV-001R
Lumbar Vertebra Compressing Adapter for Rats Weighting 350 - 450gLV-002R
Torsion Test Setup for RatsTTS-001R
Torsion Test Sample Making Device for RatsTSM-001R/SQ
Bending Test Sample Making Device for RatsBSM-001R/RD
Femoral Neck Compressing Kit for RatsFNK-001R
Tensile Test Setup for RatsTNTS-001R
Wound Breaking Test SetupPTS-001SK
Bending Test Setup for MiceBTS-001M

FNK-001R Femoral Neck Compressing Kit for Rats

PTS-001SK Wound Breaking Strength Test Setup

Measurement range : 0.01N ( 1 g ) – 10N ( 1 kg )

Custom-made accessories are available upon request.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.