Treadmill for Rats & Mice

MK-690S has been designed to compulsively make animals exercise and can be used for the studies of fatigue and nutrition. Electrical shock can be delivered to the animals without failure by the adoption of shock generator scrambler. It has many attractive features. Custom-made treadmills are available upon request.
The standard color of the side panels and wall divider of the acrylic cage is “smoked brown”. If you want “clear”, please specify when ordering.


  • Controller has become more compact and lightweight than before.
  • All control of the instrument (except ramp angle) such as belt speed, exer cise time and electrical stimulus setup is through the Touch Panel Display on the controller.
  • Electrical shock ON/OFF can be set per lane.
  • Shocker unit can be easily removed for replacement or cleaning due to its cassette-style structure.
  • Acceleration can be set.
  • Belt speed can be programmed up to ten (10) steps. Even break time can be included in the program.
  • Ramp angle can be set manually for the range of 0-20 degrees (Uphill) and 0-(-)10 degrees (Downhill).
  • Test results (exercise time, total distance traveled, number of contacts with shock-grid and accumulated shock time etc.) will be displayed on the Touch Panel Display.
  • All test results along with test parameters will be saved in SD card.

The Standard System Includes:



  • Exerciser with Belt (Acrylic Cage included) – 1
  • MK-690C Controller – 1
  • Slide-Out Tray for Excrements – 1
  • Shocker Unit (either Mouse or Rat) – 1
  • Angle Meter – 1
  • SD Card (Preinstalled) – 1





Exercise LaneRat : 2 Lanes
Mouse : 4 Lanes
Running AreaRat : W90 x D610 x H120 mm x 2 Lanes
Mouse : W40 x D610 x H120 mm x 4 Lanes
Electrical ShockDC Scrambled Shock 0 - 2.0 mA (Adjustable by 0.1mA steps)
Electrical shock ON/OFF can be set per lane.
Digital Setting ParametersDate, Time, Belt Speed, Running Time, Acceleration,
Test No., Ramp Angle (manual), Shock Current Intensity
Test Results DisplayedNo. of Shocks Received, Accumulated Shock Time,Distance Travelled
Controller Diplay4" Color Touch-Panel, Screen Size : 45 x 110 mm
Power RequirementsAC 85-240V 50/60Hz 1.3A
Instrument DimensionsMain Unit : W300 x D730 x H370 mm(Jack width not included)
Controller : W190 x D135 x H60 mm
WeightMain Unit : Approx. 18 kg
Controller : Approx. 0.6 kg

NOTE : Once acceleration is determined, it can’t be changed during the run.


Normal Mode

Operation Mode Normal Mode
Belt Speed 0 - 70 m/min(adjustable by 1 m/min steps)
Running Time 1 - 999 min
Changing SpeednDuring Run Possible
Acceleration & Deceleration 0.1 - 1.0 m/sec2
Ramp Angle (-)10 - (+)20 degrees(manually adjustable)

Programming Mode

Operation Mode Programming Mode
Belt Speed 0 - 70 m/min(adjustable by 1 m/min steps)
Running Time 1 - 99 min (by 1 min steps) for 1 step, Up to 10 steps can be programmed.
Changing SpeednDuring Run Impossible
Acceleration & Deceleration 0.1 - 1.0 m/sec2
Ramp Angle (-)10 - (+)20 degrees (manually adjustable)

NOTE : When ordering please specify MK-690S/02R (Rat, 2 lanes), MK-690S/04M (Mouse 4 lanes) or MK-690S/RM (Rat 2 lanes + Mouse 4 lanes)


Specifications are subject to change without notice.