Air-Tight Treadmill for Rats or Mice

MK-680AT/02 has been designed to compulsively make animals exercise while performing O2/CO2 metabolism measurement with Muromachi MK-5000RQ.  Electrical shock can be delivered to the animals without failure by the adoption of shock generator scrambler. Custom-made treadmills are available upon request. Using the Programmable Option belt speed can be programmed up to 10 steps.

Two models are available : MK-680AT/02R for 2 Rats,  MK-680AT/02M for 2 Mice

Main Features

  • Space-efficient.
  • Since the main unit is light-weight, it can be placed even on the table.
  • Belt speed and running time can be set digitally and displayed on the LCD.
  • Belt speed and inclination are adjustable.
  • Belt speed can be programmed up to ten (10) steps. (Optional extra)




Exercise LaneRats : 2 lanes
Mice : 2 lanes
Running AreaRats : W100 x D690 x H165 mm x 2 lanes
Mice : W70 x D440 x H75 mm x 2 lanes
Belt Speed1 - 70 m/min (Continuously adjustable)
Inclination0 - 20 degrees (Continuously adjustable)
Electrical ShockAC Scrambled Shock (Parallel Wired, All Lanes)
0 - 500V MAX (Continuously Adjustable)
Digital Setting ItemBelt Speed, Running Time
DimensionsMain Unit for Rats : W435 x D779 x H360 mm, Approx. 25 kg
Main Unit for Mice : W340 x D470 x H320 mm, Approx. 15 kg
Controller : W400 x D300 x H140 mm, Approx. 10 kg
Programmable OptionBelt speed can be set up to 10 steps
Speed and running time can be set for each steps for the range of
1 - 70 m/min and 1 - 99 min, respectively


 MK-680AT/02M  (Air-Tight Treadmill for 2 Mice)

Specifications are subject to change without notice.