Automated Step-Through Test System for Rats & Mice


Muromachi Step-Through Test System has been designed to test animal memory. The test cage is divided into the two compartments, the light and the dark by the motorized door.The animal is placed in the lit compartment and allowed to explore there for a preset period of time so that it may be familiar with its environment. Then the door is opened and it tries to get in the dark room since it prefers a dark place. As soon as it gets into the dark, an electrical shock is given.

Using the Data Collection Software (Windows Version) the data obtained can be exported to a personal computer and saved as a CSV file.



Dimensions W400 x D300 x H150 mm
Weight Approx. 6 kg


Dimensions W260 x D180 x H70 mm
Weight Approx. 2 kg
Printer OutputsDate (2009-10-30)
Time (10:30:00)
Test NO. (1234567)
Test Mode (1 or 2)
Waiting Time (0-99 sec)
CUTOFF TIME (0-999 sec)
UCS (0-99 sec)
CH (channel number)
Latency(L1, L2)
Chart Paper TSP-10 (Thermo-sensitive 58 mm W)

MK-SG02  2ch Shock Generator Scrambler

DimensionsW400 x D300 x H150 mm
Weight Approx. 8 kg
Shock Intensity 0.5, 0.6, 0.8, 1.0, 1.3, 1.6, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 4.0 mA
Shock Range x 1, x 0.1, x 0.01

 STC-001M/A  Step-Through Test Cage For Mouse

DimensionsDark Room - W140 x D175 x H150 mm
Light Room - W90 x D115 x H150 mm
Overall - W440 x D250 x H270 mm
GridDiameter - O.D.4 mm
Pitch To Pitch - 10 mm
Grid To Grid - 6 mm
Fluorescent Light 8W x 1
Weight Approx. 5 kg


 STC-001R/A   Step-Through Test Cage For Rat

DimensionsDark Room - W280 x D295 x H300 mm
Light Room - W240 x D245 x H300 mm
Overall - W690 x D390 x H470 mm
GridDiameter - O.D.5 mm
Pitch To Pitch - 15 mm
Grid To Grid - 10 mm
Fluorescent Light 8W x 1
Weight Approx. 11.5 kg


 MST-02A  Includes:

  • MK-60/CM2   2ch Controller  with Printer – 1
  • MK-SG02  2ch Shock Generator – 1
  • Step-Through Test Cage (Rat or Mouse) – 2
  • DCS-STT  Data Collection Software  (Windows Version) – 1
  • RS232C Communication Cable (1.5 m) – 1
  • TSP-10  Chart Paper  (Thermo-sensitive 58 mm Wide  5 ea/pk) – 1

 Model MST-02M/A ( 2ch system for mice)