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What is SCLABA®system ?

The SCLABA®system is our original image analysis system that automatically quantifies the scratching behavior of experimental small animals for evaluating “itch”.
This system enables to calculate scratching duration and scratching frequency by capturing animal behavior with the high-speed camera (240 fps) and analyzing “Frame-to-frame difference” of the image.
(Engineering advice by Dr. Ishii Idaku, a professor at the Graduate School of Engineering at Hiroshima University)

SCLABA®system Features

  1. You can objectively quantify and evaluate scratching behavior.
  2. Realtime analysis can significantly reduce time for analysis and labor costs.
  3. You can perform high precision measurement analysis by using images from high speed camera.
  4. The thumbnail function facilitates visual follow-up analysis.
  5. Stress free environment for experimental animals (Image analysis, using near infrared light which is invisible)
  6. No pre-treatment for animal is required. (Non-invasive)
  7. Consumables are basically unnecessary. (We recommended to use water retention gel depending on measurement time)
  8. You can record and analyze scratching continuously for up to 24 hours.

As mentioned above, we have delivered the SCLABA@ system to many pharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations, public institutions, etc. regardless of whether it is in Japan or abroad.

Comparison with our corrent product(SCLABA®-Real)

Cost down

By changing the system components, we achieved about 40% reduction in product price.
(Running cost is unnecessary as well as current product)

High measurement accuracy

We reduced environmental and body origin noises by adding 2 parameters and filtering processing to the camera.
Measurement accuracy has been further improved regardless of the environmental conditions.

High PC performance

Standardized with graphic board, adopted tower type PC, changed CPU memory from 2GB to 8GB.

  • It has become possible to reduce the weight of individual measurement data.
  • Operation has been simplified by unifying operations on a PC.
  • The measurement field has been expanded.

System configuration

SCLABA®-Next Verification and follow-up analysis

The measurement data can be visually checked for all scratching behavior by the thumbnail function.
In addition, “Frame-to-frame difference” pattern and moving image can be linked on the verification screen, and it can be verified visually whether the system properly determines the scratching behavior.
The parameters for determining the scratching behavior can be optionally changed and verified.

SCLABA®-Next analysis and storage data

Scratching frequency and scratching duration required to measure the severity of “itch” are saved in CSV format. In addition, movie is also saved in MPEG format.

Output data

  • Scratching frecency(CSV format)
  • Scratching duration(CSV format)
  • Movies (MP4 format)


SCLABA®-Next Tracking software(Japanese)

Tracking software measures the amount of activity (spontaneous activity) of experimental animals from moving images of measurement data. In addition to drug efficacy evaluation for “itch”, verification of side effects by medication can also be performed.

SCLABA®-Next laptop computer for analysis

Using this laptop computer enables data analysis outside the system. By migrating data stored in the system to an information recording medium such as HDD or USB, analysis can be performed anywhere.
※ This product is for analysis only, it can not be measured.

SCLABA®-Next related consumables

Acrylic Cage (2 animals)

Cage for recording by SCLABA®-Next system.
It has a matte finish to prevent near infrared diffuse reflections.
It can also be used for conditioning before measurement.

Hydration agar” for long-term measurement

If you want to analyze scratching behavior for many hours, we recommend to put the hydration agars into the cages.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.