Automated Milker For Rats & Mice


Environmental pollution, in particular carcinogenic substances and endocrine disrupting chemicals, has become a major worldwide problem in recent years. The influences of such chemicals on a baby through breast milk or cow milk are of great concern. The ability to gather milk from the rat, a widely used experimental animal, may aid in elucidating the effects of such chemicals on infants and their development. To test the composition of rat milk, milk is typically gathered from the stomachs of rat pups that have nursed once since it is difficult to gather milk directly from teats of the mother rat. Milk gathered from the stomach mixes with saliva and gastric juice and is altered by decomposition and digestion thus is unlikely to accurately reflect the actual composition. Accordingly, an automated experimental milker was produced to eliminate these problems. It is able to milk lactating mother by alternating negative pressure and atmospheric pressure through two solenoid valves attached to a microcomputer and a vacuum pump. (Excerpt from J. Vet. Med. Sci. 65(5): 557-562, 2003)

Therefore, WAT-2016 Automated Milker can be a powerful tool for the elucidation of carcinogenic substances and endocrine disrupting chemicals. It can also be used for the studies of food safety or drug development.M

This product was developed by Professor Toshi Watanabe, D.V.M., Ph.D., Dept. of Veterinary Biochemistry College of Bioresource Sciences Nihon University in cooperation with NUBIC (Nihon University Business Incubation Center).


  • Lightweight and portable.
  • It can be used for both rat and mouse.
  • Ideal for the elucidation of carcinogenic substances and endocrine disrupting chemicals.
  • Operation is simple.



Pressure Range(-)100 - 200 mmHg (by -5 mmHg steps)
Pulsation40-70 pulse/min (by 1 pulse/min steps)
Suction50 - 70 % (by 5 % steps)
Power RequirementsPlease specify your input voltage.
Instrument DimensionsW275 x D290 x H115 mm
Weight4.5 kg

The Standard System Includes:

  • WAT-2016 Main Unit – 1
  • TC-2 Teat Cup – 2
  • Teat Cup Washer (Aspirator not included.) – 1
  • MT-2 Milk Tubing – 2
  • ST-1 Suction Tubing – 1
  • MS-2 Milk Tube Stand with Milk Collection Test Tube – 1
  • Flexible Arm – 1


Specifications are subject to change without notice.