Laboratory Animal ID Marker

The Animal Marker was developed for easy, long lasting identification of laboratory animals.

It is intended for use on the fur, not on the skin.

(black animals excluded)

Main Features

  • Nontoxic and devoid of any hazardous materials.
  • A single marker can be used to mark 300-500 rats.(depending upon animal size and/or applied area)
  • Once applied, colors remain for 6-12 weeks.
  • Broad and Fine tip Markers available.
  • Unlike permanent markers and art markers which can contain chemicals harmful to animals, Animal Marker use “legal pigments”, which are approved and regulated by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, for use in food, drugs and cosmetics. These pigments are nontoxic and devoid of any hazardous materials.
  • CAUTION:Colors can stain and clothing.The use of gloves and lab coats is recommended.

    New Item! Animal Marker Black


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    • Capacity – 15ml
    • Tip Size – 15 x 10 x 10 mm
    • Minimun Order Quanity – 2ea (same color)/ pack
    Model No. Color
    FG2000B Blue
    FG2000G Green
    FG2000R Red
    FG2000Y Yellow
    FG2000D Orange
    FG2000K Black


    Fine TIP


    • Capacity – 10ml
    • Tip Size – φ45 x 75 mm
    • Minimun Order Quanity – 3ea (same color)/ pack
    Model No. Color
    FG2200B Blue
    FG2200G Green
    FG2200R Red
    FG2200Y Yellow
    FG2200D Orange
    FG2200K Black



    Specifications are subject to change without notice.