La Pias

Laboratory Animal Ear Tag

La Pias is a metal ear tag for small rodents and has following features :


  1. The Mouse tags come numbered from 1-100 ( Available up to 999 ).

    The Rat tags come numbered from 1-100 ( Available up to 999 ).

  2. 5 colors are available for both Mouse and Rat.
    1.Red  2.Green  3.Blue  4.Light Blue  5.Black
    Colored tags with laser etched numbers provide high visibility making them real easy to read.
  3. Once applied, they cannot be easily removed.
  4. Laser-etched number provides durability.


MaterialMale Tag : Aluminum
Female Tag : Stainless Steel
SizeMouse : O.D.3.5mm with 3mm Pin
Rat : O.D.3.5mm with 5mm Pin

PA-3 Ear Tag Applicator


Ordering Information

M-3 La Pias Ear Tag for Mouse 100ea / color ( Numbered 1-100 ) or 100ea / 5colors ( Numbered 1-20/color )
R-3 La Pias Ear Tag for Rat 100ea / color ( Numbered 1-100 ) or 100ea / 5colors ( Numbered 1-20/color )
PA-3 Ear Tag Applicator for Mouse & Rat 1

NOTE: Minimum order quantity is 100 ea. Numbering that starts with number other than 1 will be treated as customized.


*Non colored Tag (Stainless Steel Tag) available. Please feel free to contact us.



Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1. Do La Pias ear tags fall out?

Answer: Although this is rare and typically only occurs when the ear tag back is not properly and/or tightly attached occasionally La Pias ear tags fall or are torn out. Ear tags are torn or fall out more frequently in group-housed mice in large part because of fighting and/or grooming behaviors.

Question 2. Can La Pias Ear Tags be used with neonatal pups?

Answer: La Pias Ear Tags are not generally suitable for use with neonatal pups as they tend to tear the ear.

Question 3. What is the difference between La Pias Aluminum Ear Tags and Stainless Steel Ear Tags?


Material color Durability Recommended Use
Aluminum Five colors available (Red, Blue, Light Blue, Green, Black) Only the Surface is hard making them less durable than stainless steel Short-term test Single breeding
Stainless Steel Silver only (Numbers in brown) All parts are Hard and Durable Short or long-term test Single or group breeding

 Question 4. Are La Pias Ear Tags autoclavable?

Answer: Yes, La Pias Ear Tags are autoclavable; however, the ear tag applicator cannot be autoclaved.


Specifications are subject to change without notice.