Platform for Tactile Test

The NMM-PT is a dedicated platform to be used with tactile testing instruments such as the Dynamic Plantar Esthesiometer, Tactile Test 20 Piece Kit, Electronic Von Frey, etc.
Mesh floors have conventionally been made of metal, causing the cold temperature of the floor to affect the animal’s limbs during the test. The NMM-PT uses a plastic mesh floor, so the animal is affected less than when using a metal mesh floor. The plastic mesh floor may be chewed by the animals, but can be easily replaced. (The mesh floor can be changed to a metal mesh upon request.)
The height of the platform can be adjusted. Easily disassembled for compact storage.


MaterialRunway: PVC (Color: Gray)
Usable Area190mm x 200mm x 2
Height Range50mm to 500mm (adjustable)
Total Weight3.75kg

※Animal cages and spare mesh floors for this platform are optionally available.

Left:Mouse Cage Right:Rat Cage

Mouse Cage

DimensionsW120 x D100 x H140 mm
Channel2 channel / cage

Rat Cage

DimensionsW190 x D100 x H200 mm
Channel1 channel / cage

The appearance and specifications are subject to change without notice.
※Custom designs are available upon request.