All-In-One Small Animal Anesthetizer

MK-AT210D is a cost & space-saving all-in-one model that combines anesthetizer with scavenger. Mixed anesthetic gas of 0.5-5% concentration, which is considered suitable for
anesthetizing small animals, can be supplied in a stable condition over a long period of time.
Unique keyed anesthetic agent adaptor prevents operator from erroneous filling or accidental spill of anesthetic gas. Burden some gas tank is no longer required since air pump is built in.


  1. Simple operation.
  2. Compact table-top model — portable from room to room.
  3. Can be used from the very low flow volume of 0.5LPM and waste anesthesia gas can be minimized.
  4. Nonflammable and much safer than anesthesia with ether.
  5. Depth of anesthesia can be easily adjusted.
  6. Burdensome gas tank is no longer needed, if room air is used as carrier gas. Air-pump is built in. However, if O2 (oxygen) or other gases are used as carrier gas, gas tank, regulator and flow meter are required.
  7. Key-Fill design prevents operator from erroneous filling or accidental spill of  anesthesia gas.
  8. Using the optional MK-MGD8 anesthetic gas can be delivered to multiple ( up to 8 ) animals at the same time.

Induction Chamber


Flow Rate 0.5 - 5LPM
Concentration 0 - 5 %
Filling Capacity 250 ml
PowerPlease specify your input voltage.
Instrument Dimension W235 x D330 x H310 mm
Weight Approx. 11 kg



  • Main Unit – 1
  • Vaporizer ( any one from the list ) – 1
  • Nose Cone ( silicon nose cone rat and mouse) – Any two
  • Silicon Tubing – 1
  • Scavenger (AneTrap waste anesthesia gas filter needed)  – 1




Silicon Nose Cone Placed lengthwise against an animal nose
MK-TB1 Airtight Induction Chamber Used for initial anesthetization under airtight condition
W280 x D280 x H200 mm
Induction Chamber XS 16 x 10 x H10 cm
Induction Chamber Small 25 x 10 x H10 cm
Induction Chamber Medium25 x 15 x H20 cm
Induction Chamber Large 25 x 20 x H20 cm
Oxygen Flow Meter Used to mix oxygen
MK-MGD8 Multiple Gas Delivery Option Used to deliver anesthetic gas to multiple ( up to 8 ) animals
AneTrap4 Waste Anesthesia Gas Filter (4ea/pk)


Specifications are subject to change without notice.