KDScientific KDS 310plus

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The Model 310plus is a stereotaxic injector that can be directly mounted on DKI or Stoelting Lab Standard stereotaxic instruments. It is designed to hold any standard Hamilton Microsyringe from 0.5 to 250 microliters. Setup and pump operation is extremely simple. A menu, displayed on an alphanumeric LCD ” prompts” the operator to make the necessary selections using the keypad for choice of features and numerical entries. With a 10 microliter syringe, the instruments resolution and smallest injection volume is 1 nanoliter.

Set the desired infusion rate, and the desired infusion volume, and press START Key. The instrument will stop when it has accomplished its set task.

The internal diameter of the syringe is used by the control program to calibrate the pump and deliver the volume and flow rate. For simplicity the syringe diameter is also used to set automatically the volume and flow rate units.

The syringe diameter can be entered directly or the syringe can be identified from a table of syringes held in memory. When the syringe is selected from the table the diameter is entered automatically.


Syringe Size 1 to 250 microliter
Drive Mechanism Microprocessor-controlled stepper motor (1/2 microstep), leadscrew
Pusher advance per half step 1.58 micron
Minimum stepping rate
one 1/2 step in 4 seconds
Maximum stepping rate 916 1/2 steps/second
Flow Rate Range 0.001 - 363.7 ul/min [ 0.5 - 250 ul syringe]
Dimensions 23 × 15.25 × 8 cm controller
17.8 × 4.4 × 5.1 cm injector
Weight 2 kg

Specifications are subject to change without notice.



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