Unsurpassed Accuracy and Reliability

KD Scientific presents its newest generation of advanced microprocessor-controlled syringe pumps designed especially for low, pulse-free flow rates.

All KD Scientific syringe pumps have a menu and alphanumeric display to quickly prompt you through set up. All pumps feature preset rate and volume control plus automatic shutoff. Dispense volume is tracked and displayed continuously. When the preset volume has been dispensed, the pump shuts off automatically. Each KD Scientific pump employs a sophisticated microstepping motor drive to virtually eliminate pulsing.

This inexpensive single-syringe infusion pump combines precision and simplicity with outstanding ease of use and exceptional durability..


  • Holds any size syringe, 10 µl to 60 ml
  • Automatic volume control and shutoff
  • Simple menu-driven setup:
    – Syringe diameter (selected from displayed table)
    – Dispense volume
    – Dispense flow rate
  • Last settings stored in permanent memory
  • Continuous dispense volume display

Dimensions : 23W × 15D × 14cmH
Weight : 2kg

KDS 101 Two-Syringe Microdialysis Pump


Our dual-syringe infusion pump is ideal for microdialysis and similar applications which require virtually pulseless flow at very low flow rates.


  • All features of KDS100
  • Holds two syringes, 10 µl to 10 ml each or one syringe up to 60 ml
  • Units are in microliters
  • Preset flow rate, units µl/min or ml/hr

Dimensions: 23W × 15D × 14cmH
Weight: 2.3kg

KDS 120 Push-Pull Syringe Pump

kds120This pump provide simultaneous infusion and withdrawal with opposing syringes on a single drive. The KDS120 is adaptation of the KDS100. One syringe infuses, the second syringe withdraws at the same rate.


  • All features of KDS100
  • Holds two syringes, 10 µl to 10 ml each

Dimensions: 23W × 15D × 14cmH
Weight: 2.3kg


Specifications are subject to change without notice.